Pythagoras Wellness Challenge

Tracking our Wellness Challenge with Power Apps

This year, our Annual Wellness Challenge was to walk, run or cycle our way to a target number of miles. To help us keep track of our progress, we needed an easy way for colleagues to submit their daily miles and keep an eye on the competition.

We decided to create a Power App to make it as easy as possible for staff to update their progress from their phones or other mobile devices.

After a brief conversation with our Office Administrator and resident Wellness guru Lynda, our Power Apps expert Indy was ready to get building.

Our Wellness App

Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams

Office Administrator

We knew we would need to create different levels of competition, as we can’t all keep up with the marathon runners in the company! We decided to launch a Silver, Gold and Platinum challenge, giving users the option to choose a distance on first logging into the app. We created a live leader board for each challenge to encourage some healthy competition.

Wellness Challenge 1

Wellness Challenge 2

When it came to entering our miles, we knew the app would have to be simple enough that staff could update their totals on the go. We chose to include options for how the miles had been completed (running, cycling or walking) and a slider to make it as quick as possible to enter the distance.

These screens can all be reached from a home screen, which displays an up to date visual representation of our progress against our goal to help keep us motivated.

Wellness Challenge 3
Wellness Challenge 4

How we built our App

Indy Singh

Indy Singh

Senior Consultant

We built our app using a Canvas Power App, which we connected to a SharePoint list to store all data that was entered.

We started our design by talking through the desired user journey, identifying the different screens we would need, and then drawing wireframes for each screen. Once we had an idea of the content, it was simple to build these in the Power Apps builder. A brilliant feature of Power Apps is that you only have to design each screen once, and it will work seamlessly on any mobile device. This helped us to complete the design and build in under a week.

We added in some controls behind the scenes, such as altering the maximum number of miles on the slider to display 10 miles for walking, 20 for running and 40 for cycling. We also added a message prompting users to set a target before submitting any miles and gave users the ability to continue adding miles even if they had exceeded their target.

Lastly, we added a medal that displays when a target has been reached to congratulate the competitor.

This was a great way to get the whole company involved in a Wellness Challenge. Providing the app resulted in higher and more sustained participation than we’ve seen in previous years, showing how a relatively simple app can boost engagement with a task. Congratulations to the winners of the challenges!

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